Yoga for all souls.

Deaf Soul Yoga is an online yoga studio designed for real Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people—whether you are a busy parent in need of a quick morning boost or a hardworking employee ready to relax before sleep.

All classes are conducted in American Sign Language (ASL), however all signing and non-signing souls are welcome to join!  

Work up a sweat in our Open Vinyasa class or brush up on the basics in our Alignment & Foundation class.

Whatever your level of experience, life stage, and aspirations (maybe a handstand?), there is at least a class or two which is just what you need.

Alternative Medicine
Promotes Good Health
Mind & Body Unity

1. Hatha Yoga


2. Vinyasa


3. Ashtanga


4. Core Yoga


5. Yin Yoga


6. Hot Yoga


7. Iyengar Yoga


8. Kripalu Yoga

About the Instructors

Keri Brooks, Founder

Originally from New England, Keri Brooks is a 4th generation Florida transplant. She completed her RYT 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Village in Clearwater and her 300-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training online at My Vinyasa Practice. After practicing yoga for 20+ years on and off, it was not until Keri began attending daily classes in 2017 that yoga finally “clicked” for her. Now she is excited to establish an online studio for the sign language community, especially for Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, DeafBlind, and Late Deafened community members. Keri believes that yoga is a lifestyle but also a life-long spiritual journey towards enlightenment and one that should be accessible for all. On the side, she works as a Certified Deaf Interpreter and enjoys living the Salt Life in Florida with her four children.

Susi Wilbur

In 2019, Susi completed her RYT-200 hour Hatha Yoga training with Nora Vimala Pozzi at Integral Yoga Center (now YogaHelps Studio) in Richmond, VA. She has lived in Charlottesville, VA since 1986 and has worked in various capacities as a licensed clinical social worker, case manager/intensive in-home clinician, supervisor, behavior specialist, etc. Since 2013, Susi has worked as a psychotherapist with Aligned Clinical and Educational Services (ACES). Most recently, she added teaching yoga for the community. Prior to becoming a social worker, Susi worked as an instructor for Outward Bound, BOEC and NOLS in Colorado and Wyoming. She taught backpacking, climbing, white water rafting and adaptive skiing. Lastly and most importantly, Susi cherishes her time with her family and dog!

Can this be you?

Are you a RYT certified Yoga Teacher? We are always looking to add people to our team! Deaf and hearing who sign fluently are welcome to contact us and apply! E-mail us at deafsoulyoga(at)


(all classes are online and conducted in ASL)

Mondays, 5p to 6p EST / 2p to 3p PST: Core Yoga with Keri Brooks
This class doesn’t mess around. It is straight-up core work meant to strengthen (and burn)!  A mixture of yoga asanas and Pilates movement will get your core going.  Be prepared to be challenged!  Maybe you’ll even laugh a bit.  All levels, including beginners, are welcome.

Tuesdays, 6p to 7p EST / 3p to 4p PST: 
Mixed Yoga with Keri Brooks
Mixed Yoga is structured in a way that allows you to customize your yoga experience. You’ll have the opportunity to stay at a level you are comfortable with, working from simple to more complex yoga poses, and engaging in creative transitions.  All levels, including beginners, are welcome.

Wednesdays, 7p to 8p EST / 4p to 5p PST: 
Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Keri Brooks
Vinyasa Flow Yoga emphasizes the sequential movement between postures, coordinated with and guided by deliberate breath. The Vinyasa practice becomes a moving meditation that creates strength, freedom and fluidity in the body and mind. All levels, including beginners, are welcome.

Thursdays: 7
p to 8p EST / 4p to 5p PST: Yin Yoga with Keri Brooks
This class is a practice of slowing down and opening your body through deep stretching.  It is slower and more meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body.  With the support of blocks and blankets and doing longer holds, your muscles are allowed to relax deeply.  With our busy lives, this class is an excellent antidote to stress, especially at the end of the day.  All levels, including beginners, are welcome.

Fridays, 4p to 5p EST / 1p to 2p PST: Ashtanga Yoga with Keri Brooks [ON HOLD UNTIL AUGUST 18th]
Ashtanga Yoga is an athletic flow combining strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete practice.  While the full sequence class is an hour and half long, this class will be following the slightly shorter version. All levels, including beginners, are welcome.

Saturdays, 9a to 10a EST/ 6a to 7a PST: Gentle Yoga with Susi Wilbur
Gentle Yoga is geared specifically for those who are interested in a gentle practice.  This class incorporates simple flowing sequences to warm up the body, as well as slower paced movements focusing on alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility. All levels, including beginners, are welcome.

Sundays, 8
p to 9p EST / 5p to 6p PST: Restorative Yoga with Keri Brooks
Restorative yoga is a gentle, slow, still style of yoga that involves long, passive holds in a series of several restful poses.  Props (bolster, blocks, pillows, and blankets) are used to enhance and deepen your experience in order to release all tension in the body and achieve a state of total relaxation.  All levels, including beginners, are welcome.


Single Class

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$ 15 Per Class
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Monthly Membership
$ 39 Monthly
  • One Class a Week


Monthly Membership
$ 59 Monthly
  • Unlimited Classes!

Private Session

1-on-1 with Teacher
$ 65 Per Session
  • One Hour Lesson


“Yoga is the Journey of the self, through the self, to the self”

– The Bhagavad Gita